Draw a Smile is excited to announce that we will be joining forces permanently with one of our oldest partners and friends, FACE for Children in Need.

FACE's mission is to assist and protect orphans, street children, their families and communities in Egypt regardless of race, culture or religion. FACE endeavours to equip these children for a better life, to instil them with
self-esteem and hope by providing them with the means to become strong adults in society. In this way, FACE's mission and goals are precisely in tune with Draw a Smile's vision and ambitions, making it the ideal partner to work with on realising these common goals.

FACE is a grassroots NGO which has been prominent in Egypt since 2003. Draw a Smile has always had a close working relationship with FACE, recognising the unparalleled opportunity they provided DaS in its early days to learn and grow through them towards reaching DaS's goal to 'draw a smile' on the face of every child the charity supports. In 2011, our commitment to this common vision was further solidified when DaS donated £10,000 towards the establishment of a new FACE orphanage in Obour, Cairo. We are now extremely proud and honoured that FACE have considered DaS the best partners they could hope to establish in the UK in order to reach the UK public and garner their support for the exceptional work being carried out transforming lives in Egypt.

The merger offers the opportunity for both charities to further realise their common vision of offering effective and sustainable care and development opportunities for orphans, street children, their families and communities in Egypt so that they may reach their full potential in every aspect of the remainder of their lives. The joint expertise of both charities puts them in a uniquely powerful position in the fight against child and family poverty in Egypt as well as acting as an uplifting foundation for orphans and street children

Ahmed Ali, Founder and former Chairman of Draw a Smile, has been appointed UK Director of FACE. He is thrilled about the opportunity this merge has offered the cause about which he is most passionate. He said of the merge, 'Draw a Smile and FACE both strongly believe that the best next step for us is to come together and make the most of our respective strengths. This will undoubtedly give the children we support a louder voice, enabling us to reach more people who need support and raise awareness on a far bigger scale. I am 100% certain that by coming together, we will have a greater impact in Egypt. I am very excited by the opportunity of leading the combined work of the two organisations in the UK, since both have such a significant track record in campaigning for deprived children and families, and which have both succeeded in securing concrete improvements in Egypt.'

Flavia Shaw-Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of FACE, said the following of the merge: 'FACE is delighted to welcome Draw a Smile into its family. DaS brings with it a strong network of Egyptians, both in London and in Egypt, keen to contribute to giving marginalised Egyptian children a better future. We are confident that together we will be empowered to bring about significant changes to the lives of Egyptians.'

For more information about the reasons behind this merge and what this merge will mean in practical terms, please click here